An inspiring trip to the two highest peaks in Africa

I recently arranged a trip to Mount Kenya for Yves Roger and his son Nico.

After their Kenyan visit, Yves and Nico had a four day break before starting their next expedition up Mount Kilimanjaro.

Yves successfully summitted both mountains.  He is 68!  (Nico made it too – like father, like son).

Admittedly, Yves has climbed Kili many years ago so there may have been less of a psychological barrier to overcome, and also he is above averagely fit as he runs a decent distance every week, but these factors do not detract from what is a very impressive achievement.

By the way, Yves says:

“The Mount Kenya trek was better and more beautiful than Kilimanjaro!

Mount Kenya is less crowded and more pristine and the big plus is that there is hardly any dust unlike Kilimanjaro”.