Mount Kenya's peaks from Shipton's camp

Walking Safaris

Our tailor made walking safaris on Mount Kenya are for small private groups who are looking for a mountain wilderness adventure.  Our trips are flexible, personalised itineraries without set departure dates.  We have an experienced team who will make sure your trip is as safe and enjoyable as possible. 

Mount Kenya is on the Equator, four hours drive north of Nairobi.  On Africa's second highest mountain, you can experience a high altitude walking safari amongst  rugged peaks and glaciers, without the crowds. 

If you are fit and active and want to challenge yourself to a high peak, you can trek to the third highest point, Point Lenana, which at 4,985 metres is higher than Mont Blanc.
It is also possible to hike on the mountain without the pressure of a summit climb.  There are plenty of trails off the beaten track where you can spend time appreciating the dramatic and varied landscape.

Our camping equipment is top of the range and includes Terra Nova Quasar tents and Prolite Plus Thermarest sleeping mattresses.

After your mountain trek, you could spend some time in nearby Laikipia, Meru or Shaba.  Surrounding the mountain are small and exclusive lodges and camps where you can relax and reward yourself in some of Kenya's most spectacular wilderness environments.

Responsible travel

Your mountain trip will be supporting a local group which makes its living from guiding guests around the mountain. Guide John Karumba Our guides will lead you at a leisurely pace and chat to you about the mountain on the way.

Our Cook will produce delicious meals in camp and provide picnic lunches.  The support team of porters will help you with all your kit and also set up camp.

Our Guides, Cook and porters are all registered with the Kenya Wildlife Service, and are all locally based in and around Nanyuki town, located on the north western side of Mount Kenya.

NEWS UPDATE – March 2015:

Nanyuki is waiting for the long rains - in theory the rains start in the 2nd or 3rd week of March, but so far no rain...the rain started on 25th!
Although rain isn't ideal for a holiday, it's almost inevitable on a mountain at any time of the year.

Mount Kenya is located in Laikipia County in the central part of the country, and is far away from any of the areas deemed unsafe by the UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

Nanyuki is the base town for Mount Kenya and has remained much the same over the last 8 years since my involvement in the town, although the population has expanded in recent years due to the UK’s British Army expanding their Training Unit in the town.

When you arrive in Kenya, you can fly from Nairobi to Nanyuki, or transfer by vehicle, then stay overnight in Nanyuki before setting off on your trek the following day.  Afterwards you have the option of going on safari in the local area, where there are many wonderful lodges, and the wildlife is spectacular. 

Please come and visit beautiful Laikipia, ‘Kenya’s high country’.
Thank you for your support.
Lucy Booth
Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society

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