The Aberdares – new route

This rarely-walked route takes you through a varied slice of Africa’s precious upland landscape, along trails which offer amazing views and diverse vegetation.

The Aberdare mountain range is located in the central highlands, west of Mount Kenya.  The highest point is Ol Donyo Lesatima at 4,001 m and there are many other peaks and extraordinary volcanic rock formations such as Dragon’s Teeth, evoking a primeval and mythical-looking landscape.

As well as peaks, the Aberdare National Park has moorland, forests, waterfalls (Karuru at 273 m is one of the highest waterfalls in Africa) and huge vistas across rolling hills covered in giant groundsel, one of East Africa’s iconic Afro-alpine plants.

We are now offering a walking and camping trip in the north west area of the Park.  The route takes you across moorland, including a climb to the summit of Lesatima, through ancient, mossy forests with occasional detours to spectacular waterfalls.

This walk is suitable for anyone used to full-day upland walking in Britain.  There are few visitors and the absence of well-worn trails makes this a truly ‘off the beaten track’ experience.

You would be accompanied by our mountain team, as well as two Kenya Wildlife Service rangers – there is always the chance of meeting an elephant or buffalo in the forests.

We can provide a detailed itinerary on request.



Chania Waterfall

Hagenia abyssinica

Dragon’s Teeth

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