THE PROPOSAL….on the summit

I accompanied a group in late October on a trip to Mount Kenya.  One of the group had called me beforehand to say that he planned to propose to his girlfriend on the summit.  I was slightly concerned about this plan given the vagaries of the weather particularly at this time of year.  On summit day, we had planned to leave Lake Michaelson at 5.00 a.m. but the rain was torrential and had been fairly relentless all night.  By about 10.30, there was light at the end of the lake and I prayed that this was a good omen.  We set off at around 12.30 and all of us were on the summit by 5 in the afternoon.  The sun came out and we were treated to the most amazing cloud formations, rainbows and the peaks reflected in the clouds below.  A perfect backdrop for ‘The Proposal’ followed by a few sips of champagne.  Congratulations to Tom and Cecilia!